Monday, October 1, 2007

Ceramics terms, glossaries

There are many convenient and easy-to-access ceramics glossaries on the web, so this post will give you a few. Note: every glossary is directed towards a particular audience--amateur, scholar, scientist, professional ceramist, so it might help to consult more than one. When using a definition from an on-line glossary, be sure to cite the source properly. For more help on citing electronic sources, consult the Writing Centre, or check the following helpful website:
Diana Hacker, Research and Documentation Online,
From the drop-down menu, check "Humanities/Documenting Sources/ "MLA List of Work Cited."
Here are some helpful sites for ceramics terms:

Glossay of Ceramics Terms
very basic, more for the hobby potter than the historian or scholar (still, helpful first step)
Anth 461/761 Ceramic Analysis Glossary of Ceramic Terms
excellent, scholarly, cited for source--great for historian and more technical approach to ceramics
Ceramic Terms to know
Usefully broken down into handbuilding terms, decorating terms, firing terms etc. Note: when you arrive at this site, you are asked if you wish to open or save it--just opening it is okay.

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